Little Lady

Hepburn in the making and derby ready with this posh princess.  We've been shooting her for years and she always knows how to work the camera.  Pure perfection!

Secret Garden

Such a whimsical location with a little girl who has the beauty and personality to fit into any fairytale.  Such a sweetie- and smart!  (we would have been lost for hours if she didn't give us directions to the exit based off of her memory from a previous visit with school!)

Blue Eyed Beauty

Such a fun shoot with such a cutie!  Her personality surpasses her big baby blues if you can imagine that.  Perfect beach date :)

Beached Babes

Even the winter doesn't stop Southern Californian's from capturing the beach vibe.  Bundle up!

Follow the Leader

These Monkeys & Peas veterans were more then happy to show their new little sisters how it's done by showing support during the newborn session :)

Forest Fairy

Every little girl deserves to explore the outdoors in a tutu and wings.

Sleeping Beauties

Modeling is hard work.  These leading ladies are starting young with the whole 'beauty rest' concept of the job :)

Quack Up

 She could not be a happier baby as is, but you have to admire the pride she has in getting ahold of her ducky.  

Bright Brothers

Big brother has clearly paved the fashion road for the twins.  Lucky for Dad, these aren't 3 little girls.  His wallet would be a lot thinner if so :)


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Partners in Crime

We love seeing our clients families grow and even more special is witnessing the roles the big brothers/ sisters take on.